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The New Vision Store is proud to offer the finest gourmet
coffees in all of Philadelphia.  From the PHOENIX Coffee
Roasters, the coffees are ground fresh and arrive at our store
while they are still warm. These coffees are available in one
pound bags; ground or whole bean, Please specify.
Coffees will be delivered once a week.  Available Friday morning
for pick-up, and shipped Friday afternoons.
Available in decaf where indicated.
Organic: This means the farmers have gone the extra mile to use
all natural growing, pest control, and harvesting materials.

We ask that you place your pre-paid orders in advance.  (No later than
Thursday afternoon)
We will stock the types most preferred by our customers, and will
have interesting and impressive choices on hand.  Colombian
always stocked.

Our list will be expanding to bring new quality flavors to your
discriminating taste buds, and a smile to your face.

Guatemala Antigua, Smoothest Guatemalan coffee, Heavy and full
bodied, rich with medium acidity.                           $7.00

Columbia Supremo:  Give this standard a leisurely tasting.
Improved conditions make this medium acidity, medium bodied, rich
coffee with carmel undertones a favorite.                     $7.00
Organic Supremo,                                            $9.75

Ethiopian Hurrar,  deep, Rich, full bodied, with medium
acidity and a moderately winey finish.
this is a memorably smooth coffee, as found in some of
Philadelphia's finer restaurants.       $10.00

Kenya AA Fancy:  this well-balanced, full, rich, and winey
flavored favorite pleases With MANY
SUBTLETIES AND A distinctive moderate acidity.  The lowest priced
of the three most preferred in the world.                  $12.95
     Decaf                                                 $13.95

Tanzania Peaberry:  Medium bodied with a full and rich flavor,
slightly winey, with moderately sharp acidity.             $9.00

Sumatra Mandheling: (Grade 1) Full bodied, earthy and rich, very
slightly nutty, Slightly higher caffination, with low
     decaf                                                  $8.75
Organic,      $8.75
Sumatra Dark Roast,  Lower Acidity richer flavor.  $8.00

Costa Rica Doka, Smooth, well rounded, full bodied. Good
Breakfast coffee, with medium acidity.  $8.50

Yemen Mocca Sanani: This rather unique, full bodied coffee is
rich with a slightly winey flavor.  Medium dry acidity.    $12.50

India Monsoon Malibar,  this coffee is naturally rain rinsed to
reduce acidity while it is in the green bean state: so it becomes
a smooth full, bodied, slightly spicey, coffee with remarkable
low acidity, after roasting.     $10.00

Mexico Chiapas,  Medium acidity, intense, rich and full bodied
flavor.   $8.00

Mocca/Java,  The oldest blend in the world, this coffee has a
well rounded, multi-layered, complex taste with Medium acidity and
is full bodied.  $9.00
Decaf,           $10.25

Nicaragua Selva Negra Estates, This family grown coffee is
ecologically friendly and organic.  An aromatically smooth and
full bodied coffee, surprisingly mild with a slightly nutty with
very mild spicey undertones.                $9.00

Philadelphia Blend, Medium roast with bold flavored is the New
blend. This coffee has heavy body, deep aroma and
solid flavor.  $7.50

American blend,  a tangy coffee alike the best European blends is
an excellent breakfast coffee with low acidity.  $8.00

French Roast,  This dark roast coffee truly stands out. Bold,
full bodied, tangy and robust, with smoky undertones.     $9.00

Special Teas, Mix and Match

You can choose from this fine selection of teas and create your
own case of tea, Choosing either a whole case, two different halves, or
the standard assortment.  Each case holds 6 packages of 10 teabags.
Case price $25.00

remember, No tea can steap longer than 2 minutes, without
developing some tannic nature, or acidity.

Caffeine Free Herbal

Standard Caffinated
Earl Grey      English Breakfast
Orange Pekoe, Mad Hatter's, Strawberry Mango.

Green Teas

Premium Green, Jasmine-Green
(Green teas should steap at approximately 160 degrees  for
between one and two minutes.)

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The coffee and tea listings were last updated on: .

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