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Featuring New Products, Lower Pricing, and The Best Magnifiers!

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To Protect Your Privacy: We will not sell or share mailing lists, and do not retain your credit card numbers on file.

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When It comes To Magnifiers,

"We only sell the best, and only Do It Right!

A magnifier is a tool, and without exception, singularly specific

to the individual's needs; "like their shoes!"

However..., it is purchased by STRENGTH--NOT by SIZE.

Come In! SEE what you're missing.

MAGNIFIERS: We sell professional magnifiers of the

highest quality and clarity. these imported magnifiers, used by vision specialists, are here for our customers to purchase.

NEW! L.E.D. Lighted Professional POCKET MAGNIFIERS!

We've improved our outstandingly clear lenses. now with the best L.E.D. to provide illumination, you can use "anywhere!" These are our most popular, and the very best available, "anywhere"! Leather case, storage box, and 3 "AAA" batteries included.

3X (70 mM Square) MGMLP3 $79

4X (70 mm) (MGLMP4) $79;

5X (16D), (60MM), (MGMLP5) $69

6X (20D, 55mm), (MGMLP6( $69

7X (24D, 50mm), (MGMLP7( $64

8X, (MGMLP8), or, 10X (MGMLPX), Each, (35 mm) $59.

12X, (MGMLPY), or, 14X, (MGMLPZ), each (30mm) $54.

Magnifiers are singularly specific to the individual. They are

not sold by size or an item at which someone can guess for another.

We will offer a simple magnification exam for $25, that's (less than a doctor's visit)coming soon. Call, first, for details.

$10 Off any magnifier purchase when paying for the magnifier exam at The New Vision Store!

We Do Not sell by "hit or miss". There will be a restocking fee on any magnifier returned in perfect condition. There will be no refund on magnifiers that show use or damage; as they are not acceptable to the next valued customer.

we've devised a simple magnification chart, to help those who

cannot travel to our store or their Low Vision clinic.

We cannot guaranty, (or be responsable for, either the

measurements, eye conditions, lighting conditions,or any other

factors that may effect your results; as it is still and always

best to have the user make a final decision.

The "Desired Print" represents the material that the person wants to read. So it is

important that a measurement of that print size is taken. Use a

ruler and please measure in "inches, or a fraction thereof".

"necessary Size" is the Minimum sized print that the person can read comfortably. You may need to use differing sizes of print to

determine this before taking your measurement.

"Magnification Strength" is the power of the lens that will make

the "Desired Print" in to the "Necessary Size".

Desired Print, Necessary Size, Magnification Minimum

1/8 inch 3/8 inch 3X

1/8 inch 1/2 inch 4X

1/8 inch 5/8 inch 5X

1/8 inch 3/4 inch 6X

1/8 inch 1 inch 8X

1/4 inch 1 inch 4X

1/2 inch 2 inch 4X

We have not charted here all of the sizes to deternmine approximate strengths. Call us with your measurements, as we can assist in finding the strength you may need. Thank you.


popular, 100 mm by 75 mm 3X magnifier; giving the largest viewing area with this clarity. MGMHM3 $69.


of our magnifiers on a convenient stand measured the correct distance from the page, with the best light to improve contrast. Leather case and 3 "AA" batteries included. MGMML3 $99

4X PROFESSIONAL HAND-HELD MAGNIFIER: A Distortion-free four-power magnifier with clarity unmatched, at a great price; has a 70 mm, uncommonly large, light weight four-power lens. MGM4HM $49.


magnifiers are the largest, clearest and most popular magnifiers in their strength. This 70 mM lens on a stand keeps focal distance allowing you to glide across the page, and this L.E.D. gives the best illumination to improve contrast. Leather case and Batteries included. MGL35S $79

5X PROFESSIONAL HAND-HELD MAGNIFIER: A lightweight, five-power

magnifier with exceptional clarity and 60 mm. lens. MGMHM5 $49

5X PROFESSIONAL LIGHTED STAND MAGNIFIER: Come see these great magnifiers. Our great lens on a stand, which is measured to the correct focal distance, and glides across your reading material, with the best, long lasting, L.E.D. illumination to improve contrast. Leather case and 3 "AA" batteries inc. MGMLM5 $69

6X PROFESSIONAL HAND-HELD MAGNIFIER: Top-quality, six-power lens

with 55mm viewing area and great clarity. MGMHM6 $44

7X also available, (50mM), $44.95

6X PROFESSIONAL LIGHTED STAND MAGNIFIER: Our great 55mM, 6-power lens, available on a stand measured for proper focus; with L.E.D. illumination to improve contrast. Magnifiers that do more for you! Leather case and 3"AA" batteries included. MGMLS6. $69.


for the small things to be seen clearly. Includes great L.E.D. illumination and a stand that keeps the super clear 50 Mm lens at the proper focal distance. 3 "AA" Batteries and leather case included. (MGLLS7) $59

8X PROFESSIONAL HAND-HELD MAGNIFIER: This top-quality magnifier

is high-powered and very clear with a 35 mm. lens. Great for

making the smallest things visible. MGMHM8 $54.95.

8X PROFESSIONAL LIGHTED STAND MAGNIFIER: Our famous super clear, strong, and distortion-free 35mM lens is stand-mounted for the convenience of correct focal distance; with the best L.E.D. illumination for improved contrast; is better than any other lens of it's strength. Leather case and batteries inc.

(MGMLS8) $69

10X "Super-Clear", also available, (MGMlsx) $69

12X "Super-Clear", available, (MGMs12) $65

14X "Super-Clear" also available, (MGMs14) $65


and structure as our above units, with a 21 Mm lens that

clearly magnifies almost 15 times with 4.5 volts of light to

allow you to see the things you need. 1 year limited warranty.

3 "C" batteries and 2 bulbs included. (MGL14L) $64.95

COIL LIGHTED POCKET MAGNIFIERS: convenient and clear, these 50 mm. lenses are incondescent lighted with two "AA" batteries, included. Specify strength:

5X, (MGMLM5), 7X, (MGMLM7)

9X, (MGMLM9), or, 11X, (MGML11) Each $49

MODULAR MAGNIFICATION SYSTEM: With this versatile system, attach

the professional lens you need to the 12 Volt Halogen lighted

stand. Strengths from 2.5X to 8X allow you to use the right lens

for your personal needs and print size.

One lens and A.C. Adapter also included. Please Specify

Strengths Desired:

2.5X or 3X, $149;

4X or 5X, $129; 6X or 8X, $99.

Additional Modular Lenses :

2.5X(100 MM ROUND)

3X (100x75 MM RECTANGULAR or round) $69;

4X (70 MM) or 5X (60 MM) $59;

6X (55 MM) or 8X (35 MM), $49.

MONOCULARS AND GLASSES: These items can help add to what you see,

at a distance; both across the room or street. Glasses come

in heavy-duty leather case. Monoculars come WITH soft leather

case, two lens caps and neck loop.

Binocular Glasses: 2.8X (MGLBSS) $89.

Monoculars: (Please Specify When Ordering.)

4X, (12mM), (MGL4XM) $45; 6X, (16mM), (MGL6XM) $50;

8X, (21mM), (MGL8XM) $55;

10X, (MGL10m); and 12x, (MGL12M); (with 21 Mm LENSes), each $55.

10X Premium QUALITY lens, 31 Mm SIZE; (MGLDXM) $129.95

Economy Magnifiers:

POCKET LIGHTED 3X MAGNIFIER: This rectangular, non-aspheric, lighted 3x lens is nearly professional quality, and measures 3" by 2" with 5X bifocal.

Imitation Leather case and batteries included. (MGSFL3) $12.

HANDS-FREE 2X MAGNIFIER: Measures 5" by 4" and comfortably rests

on your chest to give the largest, clearest viewing area and

hands-free convenience. (MGMBL2( $20.

DONEGAN A-spheric 4X HAND-HELD MAGNIFIER: One very good 4X magnifier for the price; 2.5 inch across

the lens. (MGDRHM) $24.95.


on a stand measured to the correct focal distance; that glides

across the page. (MGDRSM) $24.95.

Remember, A Magnifier is singularly specific to the individual's

needs; it is purchased by STRENGTH NOT by SIZE.

specify the Strength you need; or See Our Chart On Page 2 Of

This Catalog, Or Stop In On Your Low Vision Clinic For An Evaluation.

NEW! Professional re-charging System: If you use "AA", "AAA" or

"9 volt" batteries you can save money with this charging system!

Small recharger with 4 professional "AA" batteries. These

batteries take 5 hours to charge and run- full strength- for 14

hours (Unlike "Ni cads"). Great for your magnifiers, audio devices, or any electronics; this charger can

restore 4 "AA", "AAA", or 2 "9 Volt" batteries at once.

Recharging life is about 800 charges. (BAM4AC) $24.95

INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES: Honestly, haven't you heard? These

are the best batteries made! They last up to 66% longer than discount batteries, with more strength. Will not fade or leak; interfering with performance. Why waste money? Hard-to-find.

4 Industrial "AA": (BAMAA4) $5; 24 pack (BAMAAB) $25.

4 Industrial "AAA": (BAMITA) $2.95 24 pack (BAM3AB) $15.

Industrial "C": (BAMXIC) Each $2; box of 12 (BAM12C) $15. Industrial 9 Volt: (BAMX9V) Each $3. 12-pack: (bamx9b) $25 Industrial "D": (BAMXID) Each $3 12-pack (BAMXDB) $30

DELUXE TALKING CALCULATOR: Big display and buttons, standard

functions, memories and repeat key. Clearest voice. 7 by 5 by 1

inches. Takes two AA batteries. CALDTC $19.95.

POCKET TALKING CALCULATOR: This convenient and well built unit uses the same clear voice as our desk model, but measures only 6X3X1/2 inches. Has raised keys, Speaks all calculator functions. (CALPTC) $14.95

FOLDING ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT CANE: Heavy-duty aluminum, easy folding cane, has "T" handle, reflective tape, rubber nonskid tip, and durable elastic. Adjusts from 33- 37 inch height. CNMFSP $24.95

Rolling Big Ball Cane TIP: this big ball is much larger than our standard rolling cane tip, and won't get caught in the worst cracks. tie-on style fits most canes. CNMBBT $10

LONG-LIFE MARSHMALLOW CANE TIP: You'll be surprised when you

find this tie-on marshmallow 1.5 inch diameter teflon/nylon tip

lasts 3 times longer than the standard tip CNAHMT $6

Economy Style same size, standard material. CNAMMT $4

lONG-LIFE ROLLING CANE TIP: Made of the same durable Teflon-Nylon as our Long-Life tip; but with a custom rolling feature that reduces arm fatigue,drag and wear considerably. This cane tip truly glides along on the walking surface. CNARCT $10.95

NEW! EXTREME REFLECTIVE TAPE: Make your cane 4 times more

reflective with this material. It's worth your life. "You use a

cane for your safety, you make it reflective for others to see.

550Ra, 800ft. White

only. CNNDGR 1foot by 2 inch $2.

GRAPHITE FOLDING CANE: Amazingly strong and light this cane is

the future of cane travel. 20% lighter than aluminum. Has long-

life tip and joints, supple weather resistant handle, double

elastic, in high reflective red and white. For safety, confidence, that won't weigh you down. Folds small, (CNAFG6) $35.

Fiberglass Folding Cane, Heavy Duty cane is the same weight as

aluminum but is stronger. Same great weather resistant supple

handle as Graphite model, with long-life joints and double

elastic, with slip-on tip. (CNAFFC) $32

DELUXE ALUMINUM CANE: As emensely dependable as you'd expect from

our products; this cane has double elastic, weather-proof handle

and marshmallow tip for travel security; in high test aluminum,

with red and white reflectivity. CNAAFC $25

CANE REPAIR: (or any labor) We fix almost any cane like new!

With elastic, new sections, tips, and reflective tape. CNNCMF $4.

BOLD Tactile Long-Ring TIMER: This 9 inch, high contrast, durable

timer has easy to read 1-1/2" large, raised numbers. You can lie

it on a counter, hang it on a wall, or use the durable stand

included. KIMBTT $19.95.

FLAME RETARDANT OVEN MITTS: No more fears! These 17 inch long

mitts help you avoid painful burns from hot sides and grates, for

barbecue or oven use. Set of 2 mitts. KIMOVM $7.95

LIQUID LEVEL INDICATOR: A two stage unit with many uses. Pouring

cream into coffee, or ice into soda. Necessary to avoid over

pouring or getting burned. KIMLLI $16

3M LABELING GUN: Align the print or braille letter with the arrow

and squeeze, this handy device takes 1/2" labeling tape,

included, and gives you durable braille . MIL3MG $49.95.

HEAVY DYMO TAPE: This tape is 1/2" wide and is clear, for putting

single line braille on anything. (LADYMO) $2.75.

Box of ten rolls. (LADYMB) $25.11

Touch Paint: This fluorescent orange epoxy is easy to see and

cures in 24 hours to add truly perminent tactile markings to anything-- oven dial, washer, dryer, thermostat, even great for maps or outlines. LAMHM1 $4.

50 CLEAR LABELS: Useful in putting braille information on

absolutely anything-- frozen foods, boxes, music, spices, or appliances. 4" by 1.75" dirt resistant labels LAACLL $5,

Roll of 500. $40.

EXTRA LARGE PRINT PLAYING CARDS: The largest numbers you will

find on standard size cards. Numbers measure 1-1/2". LPUEZS $4.

PLASTIC BRAILLE PLAYING CARDS: These high quality durable cards will nearly last forever since they can be wiped to look new. Braille won't rub off. GAMBPC $8.95

New! BIG BUTTON TELEPHONE: This standard telephone has buttons you just can't miss. Larger than a postage stamp, the buttons have 5/8ths inch print. Unit measures 9X8X2, and comes with all cables.KISBBT $24.95

TALKING THERMOMETER: A low priced, clear speaking, accurate

thermometer, with on/off button talk button and memory, makes taking temperature easy. Gives body

temperature twice when pressed. (MIATHT) $14.95

LEATHER BILL ORGANIZER: This full-sized billfold has compartments

for separating paper money, coins, envelopes, credit cards, and

has a suede zippered section as well. Attractive stitched

leather folds to 4X8 inches. MIALBO $29.95.

LEATHER MEN'S WALLET: A pocket-sized wallet that separates your

paper money and credit cards; with two hide-away pockets. Durable stitched leather. MIALMW $24.95

TALKING WEIGHT SCALE: This flat, talking bathroom scale has a

clear voice and gives your weight to 400 pounds or 200 kilos.

9 Volt Battery Included. MILtWS $79.95

SELF-THREADING NEEDLES: With a one-way mini-clasp at the top,

these needles are easy to thread. 48 per pack. MIMSTN $4

New! BIG BUTTON REMOTE CONTROL: With buttons as large as 5/8ths inch, you'll not miss with this Universal coded remote. Works with modern TVs; this unit measures 10X3X1 and comes with 2 "AA" batteries. May not work with your cable provider, this is intended for TV usage. KISBBR $14.95

ask about Our Super discount collection:

We often have Incredible prices, sometimes 70% off! Jewelry, computer memory, hard drives, monitors; cutlery, cookware, and more! With such a vast variety it would be impossible to list. Availability changes quickly. You'll just have to call and ask. These deals are often the lowest price! Or, available long before others will have it.

It's HERe! The I.Bill Money Identifier: Smaller than a pack of playing cards; It's fast, accurate, and clear, it speaks your current U.S. paper money denominations with ease. Uses 1 "AA" battery, you can choose verbal, tonal, or vibratory differentiation of your money for total independence. Production is limited, place your order, and get your hands on one today! (MIOIBR) $99

U.V. SHIELD MEDIUM AMBER SUNGLASSES: Another great wrap around

sunglass allowing 16% emission, in an amber tint to protect those

with macular or retina damage from blue light. MINSMA $19.95

Available in 4% emission Dark Amber; $24.95

UV SHIELD Medium GREY SUNGLASSES: These wraparound sunglasses

protect you from side light and UV rays, letting through 13% of

visible light. Grey tint won't interfere with colors you

wish to see. MINSMG $14.95.

Available in "Light Medium" Grey, 53% emission; MINSLG $19.95

Available in "Dark Grey", 4% emission; MINSDG $24.95

NOIR DARK AMBER SUNGLASSES: These wrap around sunglasses,

Letting through only 2% of visible light, protect from U.V-A, U.V-B and Infra-Red, with blue-blocking needed by those with R.P., Macular Degeneration, or Diabetic Retinopathy. MINSDA $64.95.

NOIR DARK GREY SUNGLASSES: These dark grey-green wrap-around sunglasses have the most extreme light blocking, allowing only 1% through. These block U.V.-A, U.V.-B and Infra-Red light. (Special order, allow 2 additional weeks) MINSGG $69.95

Sony Deluxe FOUR-TRACK PLAYER: This durable Walkman is the clearest sounding unit available. Including

variable speed, cue and review features, record from built-in or external mic. Plays 4 track tapes through high-fidelity headphones, or very clear built-in speaker. Headphones included, adapter not included. TCISP4 $129.95

Save $5 on a Recharging system when you buy it with this

item! See code BAM4AC.

Sony 3V A.C. adapter, Works with any Sony Walkman requiring 2 "AA" batteries. (tcisaa) $20

NEW! Professional re-charging System: If you use "AA", "AAA" or

"9 volt" batteries you can save money with this charging system!

Small recharger with 4 professional "AA" batteries. These

batteries take 5 hours to charge and run- full strength- for 14

hours (Unlike "Ni cads"). Great for any devices requiring these sizes. Can restore 4 "AA", "AAA", or 2 "9 Volt" batteries at once.

Recharging life is about 800 charges. (BAM4AC) $24.95

New! Talking Penguin clock: Okay, it's cute. But it's a functional talking clock with digital display. The 5 inch representation of a penguin speaks the time by pressing his hat. The hour and minute settings are done by pressing his left or right wing. Hourly announce, and 7 alarm options; including "3 long tunes", are also chosen that way. Takes 2 "AAA" batteries. (TPSPEN) $14.95

TALKING WATCH WITH ALARM: Press the button to hear the time in

the loudest voice we can find. Rooster alarm. Easily set, stay sset. Black vinyl band 30 day warranty. (TPLTWA) $12

sUPER ECONOMY MODEL: Has male voice, alarm and hourly announce option. TPLTWE $10.

talking Key chain Clock: his handy item tells the time , with

the press of a button. Includes alarm, and hourly announce

options; all in a clear voice. Batteries Included. TPLTKC $12

DELUXE TALKING WATCH: In a high lustrous case, with elegant

face, Clear numbers and hands, has the clearest voice of any

metal cased talking watch! Has alarm, hourly announce option,

and is very easy to set. Stretch band, swiss movement, 1 YEAR


Men's 1 inch face size, TPLDTWM $59.95

Women's 3/4 inch face TPLDTWW $59.95

Economy Version: Same as the above watches, (men's or women's; chrome or gold) with one button simplicity. Please specify. $49

NOTE: Braille and Large Print watches come with a one-year

warranty. Our large print watches all have reliable Japanese

movements and triple-stamped numerals with bold hands. Can be

ordered with either black face and white numerals, or white face

and black numerals.

Braille watches all have quality quartz movements and

expansion bands. The crystals lift from the six o'clock position.

WOMEN'S CHROME BRAILLE QUARTZ WATCH: This accurate and reliable watch has a 3/4 inch face. Watch is set with a durable chrome case and band. (TPLBWC) $59.95.

WOMEN'S GOLD BRAILLE QUARTZ WATCH: This stylish and dependable watch has gold case and band. TPLBWG $79.95.

MEN'S CHROME BRAILLE QUARTZ WATCH: This accurate, and dependable watch is great for knowing the time quietly and independantly. Has attractive, durable chrome case and band. TPLBMC $59.95


this watch's Case and band are elegant in gold-- the ultimate combination of economy, style and independance. TPLBMG $69.95

SEIKO PREMIUM BRAILLE WATCH: This has often been regarded as the best braille watch in the world. A rubber gasket seal protects the clearly tactile marked face from moisture or soiling. Stitched locking leather bracelet is classy, durable, secure, and versatile. 1 Year manufacturer's warranty (does not cover crystal).

Men's 1 inch diameter, TPISBM $179.95.

Women's 3/4 inch diameter, TPISBW $179.95.


EXTRA LARGE PRINT QUARTZ WATCH: Gold tone with the largest

numbers of all. A big 1 and 1/4 inch face! Available in white

face with black numbers, or black face with outstanding white

numbers. Available in Durable chrome case and matching band.

Please specify when ordering. (TPLELW) $34.95.


stunning 3/4" face with the boldest printed numerals. Stretch band standard, stitched leather band available. TPLLPW $39.95.

MEN'S LARGE PRINT QUARTZ DRESS WATCH: this large print watch has

triple stamped numerals on a one-inch face. "Stretch" style band.

Excellent quality, TPLLPM $39.95.


distinguished male voice and the calendar that speaks to you!

Settings for calendar, alarm type, alarm volume, hourly announce

volume and much more! Easy to set! TPICAC $89.95


clock has 1/2 inch bold numbers and hands, as well as

the convenience of a button to press for a clear pleasant voice

to tell the time. alarm, and hourly announce, are easy to set.

Two "AA" batteries included. TPSATC $19.95

NEW! Talking Atomic Calendar Clock: This effortless and ultimately dependable Wedge shaped unit tells time and date in a pleasant male voice. Easy setting, talks all settings and has alarm and hourly announce features! Includes 2 "AA" cells. Atomic means it receives a radio signal that is broadcast to keep it within 1/100 of a second daily. (TPLACC) $39.95

HEAVY-DUTY ALUMINUM STANDARD SLATE: This very sturdy metal slate

is two slates in one! With four lines of 28 cells for your 8-1/2-

inch paper, it includes a slot on the back for brailling your

labeling tape. It will last and last. With stylus. WAAASS $24.95.

20/20 BOLD WRITING PEN: You'll love this! No more smears, or

bleed-through, with this easy to see bold black felt marker.

PN2020 $1.50 Box of 6 for $8 12 for $15

BIG PRINT ADDRESS BOOK: This great address book is easy to read!

5/8-inch spacing, five lines per listing, three listings per

page, and 100 per book. 20/20 pen included. WABLPA $14.

PLASTIC CHECK-WRITING GUIDE: This durable template is designed to

allow users access to writing on standard-sized checks by

providing cut-outs in the appropriate spaces for all of the

needed information. WAMCWG $1.

PLASTIC ENVELOPE WRITING GUIDE: With cut-outs for return address

and the destination address, this guide is a great aid to make mailing a breeze. WAMEWG $2

PLASTIC LETTER WRITING GUIDE: Durable material, with cut-outs to cover a full page of guided writing convenience. (WARLWG) $3.95

BOLD LINE WRITING TABLET: 100 sheets of 1/2 inch spaced bold

lined paper, for notes, homework, and letters. WAMBLT $3.50.

FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND LABELS: No more ink pads with these

"Free Matter" labels. Printed in "16 point" bold type they are

easy to see. Just peel off, and stick to what you are mailing.

Refers to postal code on label. 30 labels per page. WANFML $1


labels allow 4 lines of return address information. Peel and

stick. save time and effort. 30 per page. WANPRL 5 Pages $5

Now Available! PREMIUM GOURMET COFFEES. Delivered fresh weekly, Philadelphia's absolutely best coffee. Available in 12 oz. bags, ground or whole bean.

(this section is under construction. Please be patient)

Choose from these most delicious blends:

corsica: Dark Roast, (outstanding, bold, and full bodied), $10.95

Nissa: (Great balance, (never agressive)$10.95

Afrique: A luxurious multi-facetted coffee, like no other. $10.95

Haitian: a refined, gentle, breakfast coffee. $12.

Brazil (Rain forest, organic, lush finish notes) $14.95

SHIPPING: charges must be included with order. Add taxes (for PA

residents) before the shipping charges.

shipping is insured, conveniently, via Fed Ex to a street address, no P.O. boxes. Delivery dates may be dependent on supplier



Products under $100 will be charged $10.00.

$2 per additional $100 value. Handling and insurance included.


this is a very rare occurrence as our products are very high in quality!

We accept returns primarily on manufacturer's defects.

Items must be returned within specific period of warranty.

All items are covered for 30 days, other warranties are listed.

Please speak with us prior to returning any merchandise; for user information, or repair sight address.

Note: Calling is not the same as returning, and return date is when it is actually returned.

All warrantied products will be replaced by same or better product, if item shows no customer related damages.

Customer damages frequently void warranty.

A restocking fee, of 20%, may be

charged upon return, in cases of "third party purchases".

We strongly recommend returns be shipped UPS or insured carrier.

If the product can not be replaced we will issue a refund.

In that case, credit card purchases will be refunded to customer card within 1 week of receipt of refundable product.

All other refunds are made by check, within 14 days of return.

Availability and pricing of products are subject to change.

Reminder: Please provide a daytime phone number with any mailings or shippings to our store.


Shipping charges must be included with order. Add taxes (for PA

residents) before the shipping charges.

All shipping is insured, and handled via Federal Express Ground. Fed Ex will not accept a P.O. box, a street address is required.

Delivery dates may be dependent on supplier shipments.


Most products under $50 will be charged $10

Products from $50-100 can be charged $12.

$1 per additional $100 value. Handling and insurance included.

Braille paper is shipped at the rate of $10 per half ream and

$12 per ream due to weight. Orders including braille paper will then be charged on the value of any other items, for best economy.

The purpose of The New Vision Store is to:

Provide products that promote hope and independence wherever possible. We stand behind every product. We strive to explain

what to expect from our products. Our goal here is to eliminate frustration by aligning expectations with current reality through straight-forward demonstration and information.

We serve as a watchdog for our customers by testing items, as well as supplying the very best quality merchandise at an affordable price.

We deal with only honest, reputable suppliers who demonstrate good business practices by helping us bring quality products, ncluding ongoing support and warranties.

We continuously search for items that meet our high standards and customers' requests for independence.

as ever, we truly appreciate your business with

Ankenbrant Incorporated.